It-girl: Jeanne Damas

jeanne damas-paris jeanne damas-bomberjeanne damas-trench jeanne damas-denimjeanne damas-red lips jeanne damas jeanne damas jeanne damas jeanne damas-furjeanne damas jeanne damas-velvet

Effortlessly chic style, messy hair, full red lips, Parisian cool attitude, lots of cigarettes and wine…The modern day Jane Birkin has that special Je ne sais quoi that makes everything look sophisticated and cool without even trying. In love with Jeanne Damas.

(Photos via Vogue, Man Repeller, Stockholm Streetstyle, Collage Vintage, Who What Wear, Jeanne Damas Instagram)



      1. Yum! Makes you feel so sophisticated drinking wine. I am obsessed with cheese as wine. Always wanted to learn about wine pairing.

        Roses are my favorite! I thought about getting a rose tatoo for my kitty that passed but I am terrified of needles o_O lol

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      2. Yes, it’s the pink one! That’s ok, i love roses too. And kittens ❤
        i am not a big fan of tattoos, i only like the small ones. Your idea is cute i think!
        So sorry for your kitty 😦

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      3. Yaaas The pink one feels extra fancy! It tastes really good too. That may be my next bottle.

        I think tatoos are so beautiful! Normally I just am so scared.

        Thanks love! My blog is dedicated to Skittles the cat. He was so full of love and never wanted anything in return.

        I had him for 20 years. His birthday in on easter. =♡.♡=

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